Doing your taxes with Linux

Many people use computers for real purposes...not just to tinker. Although I'd rather tinker than do anything else, I did have an opportunity to test Linux's readyness for a real purpose. I did my taxes!

I've been using Turbo Tax online for a few years - and decided I'd like to do the taxes from the couch this year. Of course...the media center PC runs Ubuntu. Years ago - this might be have been a problem - but not this year. With the adoption of Firefox as an accepted browser (for all operating systems), Linux can now do 95% of what every PC user does...use the Internet. Coupled with the latest flash 9, I was set. The only problem I ran into was Turbo Tax gives you a warning that you're using something other than what they recommend (which is Windows or Mac OS X). They do support Firefox though, so I plunged ahead. Everything worked as expected, even being able to view their PDFs with Acrobat Reader.

I guess doing my taxes isn't something that nerdy. However, it's nerdy when you're doing your taxes on an up and coming operating system and run into zero compatibility issues. If only everything was this easy.