Job Hunting - part 1

I decided earlier in the semester to discontinue this graduate degree and go after something I had more fun with - specifically an IT career. I haven't really gone into much detail here on what my skillset is (besides toying with Ubuntu...which really isn't a skill). But my background is primarily that of an Information Systems graduate (with a high GPA) with some self-employed programming projects under my belt. Looking for jobs online hasn't been exactly pleasant - or yielded results (yet).

Here are a few places I've put my resume out to (and found jobs to apply to):

These seem to be the front-runners in the market as far as job-boards go for IT people. So why has my search been trying? A couple reasons:
  • I have virtually ZERO experience being that I'm a college grad and haven't been in the industry. Many jobs want at least "1+" or "2+" years of experience in an area I consider myself to be pretty good at - but don't qualify for because I haven't worked a job doing such.
  • I'm currently located in Northwest Arkansas...and am looking for a job in Houston, TX. This shouldn't be a barrier - but to some it seems like it is.

Overall this post is a rant. I know it - you know it. Finding a place to "get your foot in the door" without being religated to the Help-Desk is difficult when looking online. Searching for jobs with the text "Entry Level" yields little to nothing consistently. Perhaps this is a market? Shouldn't there be a place for the nation's top IT firms to recruit the nation's top IT grads and talent? Many of us are willing and able to relocate. I think I may be onto something here...