Job Hunting - part 2

Good News!
I've got some good news on the job hunting front. After lots of applications and job-board searching, I've managed to secure an interview (yes one) at a company in Northwest Houston. I've also garnered a couple of phone interviews (mostly recruiters looking for more experience...). But this is progress! Considering how little time I've been hunting a job, a couple potential hires is a pretty good amount (I think). What's most interesting to me is that my solid in-person job interview was acquired by word of mouth from a friend on a car forum. That just goes to show the depth of importance networking plays in finding a job!

So what skills are IT companies looking for in the Houston area? In my searching, the most requested skills are as follows:
  • C#/ in general
  • SAP
  • Oracle, SQL Server
Doing a Background Check?
In the likely event that one of those companies ends up on this blog while doing a background check - welcome! You're one of only a few to have actually seen this corner of the WWW. :)