Introducing AMD Phenom

Intel switched their flagship line to the "Core" nameplate. AMD was bound to follow suit. As this DailyTech article points out, the Phenom is a member of the AMD Stars family of processors that also includes the new AMD Athlon 64 and Sempron 64. You'll want to see the PPT slide for a breakdown of what exactly will be available. Here are some highlights though:

  • This new line of chips is AMD K10. The original Athlon 64 was K8
  • All new chips except the absolute upper-end Phenom FX Quad Core will use Socket AM2+
  • Phenom X4 ( a quad core chip) has a TDP of only 89W! MUCH better than AMD's previous consumer quad core product.
Is this the start of a new competitive streak for AMD? That would be a great thing, not only for AMD - but for anyone looking to buy a new processor. With competition comes price drops and more value for your money :) I'm thinking now's a time to invest a little money in AMD.