Laptop BIOS/CMOS reset = pain

This post is for those individuals looking to see if this is possible... I just reset the BIOS on an HP Pavilion ZE4900 (laptop) by removing and replacing the CMOS battery. The online manual doesn't show its location - but you need to complete disassemble the laptop down to removing the main board. The CMOS battery is located on the underside of the board toward the front of the laptop. Needless to say - the last four hours are hours I'll never get back :-/


gIMpSTa™ said...

I realize this is over a year old, but we just did the same exact thing. We searched and searched online and could not find anything. We did a live chat with an "hp support tech" and 2 minutes after they told us to pull the battery and we asked where it was, their response was;

"It's inside the notebook."

Another gem they offered us was;

"Just remove all the jumpers from the motherboard."

Needless to say they were of no use. Hopefully someone else finds this and does not waste 4+ hours.

howster69 said...

Well I was about to rip apart a ze4900 just to find the cmos battery. Thankfully now I know where it is and likely won't have to waste any time looking for it. I guess now I just need to know a part number to order the replacement battery and if the battery is soldered onto the board or if it is easily removed.

Jon Badgett said...

The one I worked on wasn't soldered. Good luck!

underagekatz said...

I have a ze4900 - man, I got so excited when I found a few extra random batteries that ended up being the right size and I thought I was going to finally be able to replace that battery and fix the time once and for all.. but I'm really glad I didn't waste the time and risk messing up my laptop after reading this! =D

master of beasts said...

finally found the battery was hidden beneath a blanket of aluminum with polyethylene, the vat when you find there.

Jonathan said...

I am a computer Tech in a SMALL town. had a customer bring me a laptop that he forgotten the bios password to, so it would not boot up.

times are tough, and i love to be helpful, but i wasnt going to take the job unless i was sure there was a button / CMOS Battery.

i read this post, and felt like giveing it a soht. everythnig worked out great... found the batter and the button right where he said it was.... front of the computer, under / bottom of the motherboard, take out the battery, and press the button, hold it for 15 seconds, replace battery, good to go.

great posts