The title that almost wasn't.

It's been over a month since I posted anything here. I'm still alive and working hard at many things that most would consider nerdy. This new job has kept me so busy...I haven't had the energy to post the cool things I've done or learned.

However, I lack some motivation. I suspect that all of one person actually reads this besides myself. Perhaps I should alert some friends to add this feed?

Anyway - here's just a short list of some interesting things I've been looking into. Make a comment and I'll expound on any one of them!

* Did you know that you can use arraylists in vbscript? I only knew it was usable in
* Nearly every last tidbit of information (Installed Software, Processor ID, Mapped Drives,....) about your computer can be accessed remotely by using WMI. I've implimented WMI using both vbscript & will soon be doing it with ASP.NET. Talk about making system management fun!
* Buying a house is a pain in the butt.

Anyway - post a comment if you read the blog. Maybe I'll be more motivated :-/


Matt DeMoss said...

Blogs are for women with cats.

When a man records his epic deeds he calls it a chronicle.

Anonymous said...

is there a script like WMI for Linux?

thanks -