New Title!

In response to an excellent comment, I've changed the title. Does this earn me a cookie?

Blogs are for women with cats.

When a man records his epic deeds he calls it a chronicle.

~ Matt Demoss

Home Networking for dummies

In this month's edition, I'm going to point out who not to buy networking equipment from.


Specifically, I bought a D-Link WBR-2310 . Every time the wireless is enabled, it causes all of the computers connected to it to lose connection every minute. Disable the wireless, it goes away. Go figure.

I went through about 3 hours of tech support to learn that my router was broken (duh). I then went through about 5 hours on the phone with several different RMA representatives after their system failed to verify the address of my credit card. While working with them, they managed to charge my account 3 times (and still deny that anything went through). After speaking to my bank several times, the RMA representatives, the supervisor of the RMA representatives, and my wife - I've decided that it's not worth my time to get another D-Link networking product even if it's free.

In the end they never submitted the paperwork to truly charge my account - I was just left without $300 of my own money while it was "Pending" for a week. Fun.

Do yourself a favor and buy a Linksys.