Lenovo T61 Speakers popping

I was fortunate to get a new laptop at work recently. I took my time on a long weekend configuring it to my satisfaction, but was annoyed by an annoying "pop" noise coming from the speakers after every sound. A little further testing showed that this was only when the machine was on battery power. This post on notebookreview and this post on the OpenSuse forums point to incorrect power management settings for the sound hardware. There really isn't much out there about this, until you start searching for SoundMax popping issues. This led me to a new driver for the T61 - which has fixed the popping noise. This is my first experience using Lenovo's site for drivers and downloads... and it's great. I didn't have to read through any readmes to clearly see what had changed in each driver revision - and that a "clicking noise" had been fixed in a past driver revision.

Is this news? No. I'm a happy guy though and will look at Lenovo laptops in the future from this experience. Keep it up Lenovo!

Code Memories?

Every once in a while I'll start thinking of long-past written code. Lately I've been thinking of C/C++... This isn't a language I wish to make a language coding. In fact - many parts of my C/C++ education were /very/ lacking. However, there are times when I think back to things that I could have done better, things I really enjoyed coding (Blackjack console app with ASCII cards..heh), and things I just plain didn't understand or care to.

Quick Google search brought up http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/ for relearning some of that forgotten knowledge. I make a quick run through and got as far as classes before taking a breather- which means I learned more syntax in an hour than in my entire High School programming courses (and almost as much as 2 semesters of Computer Science....ug).

Amazing what our brains will bring back up when we least expect it. :-/