Installing Flash Player...for Firefox Portable

Portable applications are a wonderful thing. Firefox portable is my favorite - with one downside - it doesn't come with the flash plugin installed. Here's how you fix that:
  • Download the Flash installer .exe from Adobe's site (
  • Use an unzipping program (like 7-zip portable) to open this executable (Within 7-zip the option once you've selected the file is "Open Inside" available if you right-click the file)
  • Extract the .dll and the .xpt files to your Plugins folder (Drive:\FirefoxDir\App\Firefox\Plugins)
  • Enjoy flash.
It's really that simple - and didn't even require a browser restart. Woot!

Ronald Reagan's thoughts on universal healthcare

I heard this on the radio the other day and it felt like President Reagan was in the here and now - speaking to the heart of what is planned for our country by the current lot of politicians in office (both sides of the fence...if the fence still exists at all). I grew up hearing of Reagan but wasn't old enough to care or pay attention - speeches like this are going to have me listening to old recordings for a while to come.