Webcams and Vista...

So in Windows XP, you plug in your webcam and under "My Computer" you get the webcam icon and can take pictures. Simple, easy, and free. Surely this basic functionality would make it into Vista? No. There is no way to take a quick picture with your webcam unless you "install the manufacturer's software". This is rediculous.

Luckily, there are some free software apps that will fix you right up. One I used today is called AvaCam (link). I was able to take a quick photo, and the software shows options to record video as well. The only downside is it saves the photos inside of its install directory. This, I believe, is a small annoyance for a capability much needed in all operating systems.

Does anyone running Windows 7 RC know if it has the functionality?


Anonymous said...

I think you might be able to use Picasa / Irfanview for this.