HostGator Rocks

I switched my church's website over to HostGator prior to going live with the new site design recently. I switched from GoDaddy due to terrible performance with our php/mysql CMS and even poorer support...they told me it wasn't my site causing the issue and that there was a problem on the server. I asked if they knew when they would fix the problem, and they told me it wasn't a high enough priority to make a ticket. I then asked if they could notify me when the issue was fixed so that I could retest performance, and they told me that without a ticket they couldn't notify anybody. To this, my response was: "So you're telling me you know there's a problem that's not my fault, you know which server is having the problem, and you have no eta on when or if the problem will be fixed?" They told me very politely "Yes Sir"....

So I found HostGator. They're a Houston-based web hosting company that utilizes typical cpanel in their Linux-based hosting. I signed up for the business plan (and found a $2 coupon!) thinking that if they were as bad as GoDaddy I could drive downtown and find them myself. Well - I am overjoyed to report that my experience with them thus far has been phenomenal. I've needed help a few times now and all but one incident was solved straight through their online chat support (within 10 minutes each time). The one time I had to email support, everything was fixed up within 3 hours (and it's way after hours!). Their technicians are knowledgeable and respectful. I couldn't be happier.

Way to go guys! I'd almost given up on shared hosting.