Jon's 2009 Christmas List

As a guy, I'm stereotypically hard to shop for. As such, I've put together this list (which I'll update as more things come to mind) for the convenience of those who would like to get me a gift. I did my research and found what I thought to be the best value/fit for me of each of the gift types - that Arcan Jack looks like it will outlast the car I'd like to use it on. All in all, I appreciate time with family and friends more than anything during the Christmas season - but gifts are always welcome distractions :)

Arcan Quick Lift Service Jack - 3.5 Ton, Model# XL35 - $149.99 @ Northern Tool

Torin Double Locking Jack Stands — 3-Ton Capacity, Model# T43002A - $24.99 @ Northern Tool

Kobalt (Lowe's) or Craftsmen (Sears) Sockets, Ratchets (six point sockets only)

HDHomeRun - 148.99 @ NewEgg

The next few books in the Ender's game series (I've got Ender's Game): Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, Children of the Mind - cheap @ Amazon:

Mobil 1 Oil Cap for LS1 - 9.95 @ Afterthoughts Auto or YearOne:

HP J9077A 10/100/1000Mbps ProCurve Switch - $69.98 @ NewEgg. I'd like 2 of these...

BestBuy Gift Card for January puchase of a video game

Dockers Dress Socks - 3 pack (I need Black) - $12 @ Sears

Konnet Charge and Sync Cable for Charging and syncing iPhone, iPhone 3G/S and iPod (Two-in-One Pack) - $14.99 @ Amazon

ZZ Top CD (Rancho Texicano: The Very Best of ZZ Top) - as low as $6.97 used on Amazon:

Red Hot Chili Peppers CD (Stadium Arcadium) - $16.99 on Amazon:

This is definitely a /wish/ item: Dell Vostro V13 - > $500 @ Dell:
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