Ebay/Half.com invalid certificate - can't even tell anybody about it.

I'm writing this out of pure frustration. I went to login to half.com (great for selling textbooks btw) and found that the login page was giving off a bad certificate belonging to another domain (opendns). This could be a major security problem not just for ebay, but for anybody logging in.

Being the nice guy I am, I looked around the site for a way to contact their support team and alert them to the issue. I dug for 15 minutes through their convoluted help-desk system just to find this page mentioned to contact customer service. I thought I found a winner here...even though it was by clicking through several different more appropriate pages to place this information that I found the link. Clicking on the link takes you to a login page..... [cough] [cough].

Hey EBAY! Your login page is returning an invalid certificate!

This is the best I can do apparently. Maybe Google-hunting for problems with their website is how they discover they need to add things to their not-quite-complete help desk system.

My dns provider (OpenDNS) was sending the bad cert. The real problem is that account.ebay.com can't be found. OpenDNS is no longer my DNS provider.