One of many projects

I've got alot of irons in the fire and it's nice to share when one of them is finished. Sometime last year my work began a major revision if its public-facing website. This splintered into two related projects, sites for both Performance Pipe and Chevron Phillips Chemical. The Performance Pipe site went live in January, with the Chevron Phillips site set to go live in the coming weeks. I'm proud of several elements of both sites. I'll give links to areas of the sites I enjoyed working on along with a brief description of the company.

Performance Pipe
About the company: Performance Pipe is a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical LP that supplies pipe for a variety of markets. Much (all?) of this pipe uses plastic and variations on plastic/other resins. I don't know much about pipe, but found it interesting the markets that Performance Pipe's products were being used in as I thought many of these markets were dominated by metal piping. Interesting from a developer's standpoint: (1) Much of the site utilizes SharePoint's Content Query Web Part to generate content based on categorized documents, list items, or pages. One requirement we had was to provide the file size of listed documents. I'm not sure how relevant this type of information is in a broadband internet world, but it was doable out of the box. (2) I've seen several ways to display a FAQ page, and was able to build FAQ items that expanded on mouse click using the CQWP and some javascript. Javascript is a fun language, and getting this particular code to work across all major browsers was a challenge. Dig into the source if you're curious. (3) Here's another page that uses the CQWP, nothing new. What's neat is that each set of the bulleted items comes from a summary links field. This allowed authors to select any number of links and associate it to a list item (whether internal or external links!). A little bit of creative parsing in the XSL and you're there.

Ansible Designs
Every so often I do web site development on the side...rarely really. As I'd like to have a web site to go with the business cards I'll some day get printed, I put together Ansible Designs. Ansible is a term used in science fiction literature to describe a machine capable if instantaneous communication. Thus, my business is about empowering small businesses and individuals to communicate instantly with their customers and fans through the incredible internet machine. Interesting from a developer's perspective: Everything worked well until I tested the site in IE6. A little Google diving revealed how to use IE-specific css to force IE6 to render PNGs with correct transparency (I've used the pngfix script before, but this is more efficient). Additionally, the portfolio page uses the colorbox jQuery plugin to enlarge the website previews. I'm still trying to think of a unique icon to use for tabs/favorites - let me know if you've got any ideas.

I'll update again when I'm ready to share parts of the new Chevron Phillips web site.