Moving to a new blog

Snatched up the domain the other day and started hosting the blog myself. You can find it at I'll leave this blog up for the time being, as there are a couple posts that get some traffic.

I initially tried the custom domain/blogger route, but 3 things kept me from keeping it:
  • Google's new Design templates don't work in Safari 5.
  • Once you've switched to a domain, your search breaks for all but the latest post.
  • Trying to let Google know there is an issue involves posting on their forum and waiting. This is ok - until you realize the above bullet is a known issue and has been that way for nearly 2 years.
It makes you wonder about Google long-term... Thank goodness gmail is a priority for them.

.NET 4 and FTP

It comes baked in. Yay!

Maybe one day when my car moves under it's own power...

ASP.NET Padding Oracle

I'm doing research to better understand the padding oracle attack that was recently disclosed to affect ASP.NET and thought to provide a quick list of links that I've found most helpful:

The ASP Classic is the most unexpected bit to me, but makes perfect sense.

Remote PC Help

Tonight I got a chance to use LogMeIn Rescue and found it a very nice experience for helping a family member with their PC. Knowing it was a trial - I checked the license price...thinking that those I help could fund the license if it was cheap enough ($50-$150?). Well - It's $1188 for a year subscription! This is really too bad for the helpful IT relative - unless you're running a business it's just not worth it. They should mark the price way down and limit you to say 4 connections a month or something...

So - a little Googling for a cheaper alternative revealed TeamViewer - which is free for personal use and looks to be fairly full featured. I'll be using this next time somebody needs some PC help.

Jon's Annual Gift List - 2010

My birthday is almost here and Christmas is around the corner. I'll keep this list updated through 2011 so that any family/friends kind enough to shop for me don't have to wonder too much about what I would like or use. Thanks!

Unreal Tournament Server on Ubuntu Linux (10.04)

I'm putting together a server for some friends to play Unreal Tournament (yes, the original). I had heard this was doable on Linux, and I have a friend's old laptop here to play with. I'll be putting good links here that have helped me to get this working.

I got it all setup in a VirtualBox VM, but need it on the separate machine. This old laptop has a broken screen and no hard problem! It will be running headless anyway, and I've also got a 16GB flash drive. Ubuntu Lucid installs fine on a flash drive - the only recommendation being that you use ext2, as it's not a journaling file system (it doesn't write as much to the drive).

Helpful links:
Playing Unreal Tournament on Ubuntu Lucid
Unreal Tournament Server Setup for Linux
Loki Installers for Linux Gamers